Udupi Bhavan Veg Restaurant at Hotel Castle Rock - Cochin

Hotel Castle Rock, Cochin Cochin Restaurant Hotel Castle Rock Cochin 7

Udupi Bhavan Vegetarian restaurant at Castlerock inspires you to embark on a delectable journey into the world of vegetarian fine dining with choicest of dishes from the global vegetarian, masterfully prepared by our well known Chefs. Feel the freshness of tongue tickling vegetarian favourites, be it melt in the mouth Continental spreads, the colourful and spicy North Indian and South Indian specialities, the slick choice of Chinese ecstasies. It is course after course of immense pleasure in an ambiance that endears your senses.

The Udupi restaurant at Castlerock specializes in serving authentic South Indian cuisine. We take pride in the quality of our simple yet delectable food.It's an experience that reminds you why some restaurants deserve to be a great place for food.

We serve the following dishes and its varieties


  • Typical South Indian
  • North Indian
  • Chinese
  • Thandoori

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